190Nm CVT Transmission (Continuously Variable Transmission)

190Nm CVT Transmission

CHERY offers two types of CVT gearbox, QR019CHA and QR019CHB, which have the maximum input torque of 190Nm. This continuously variable transmission has reached a leading level in the industry due to unique designs and configurations.

1. Latest Steel Belt
This car gearbox is provided with the latest generation thrust steel belt developed by BOSCH, thus ensuring considerably high durability which will exceed the service life of the whole vehicle.

2. Hydraulic Torque Converter
Using hydraulic torque converter as the starting clutch can not only make starting from standstill more smooth but also enlarge torque when there is larger output power during acceleration process.
In addition, the hydraulic torque converter gives the CVT gearbox superior locking function over that of automatic gearbox, proving the car with excellent driving comfort and fuel efficiency.

3. Combined Control System
Combined control with the engine assures the vehicle gearbox higher transmission efficiency, thereby making fuel consumption lower than that of same displacement automatic transmission.

4. Split Type Hydraulic Valve
CHERY CVT employs the split type hydraulic valve which features low loss and quick response, providing car with outstanding fuel efficiency.

5. High Quality Oil for Transmission
Our CVT gearbox uses the dedicated oil for CVT developed by CHERY and a renowned oil manufacturer in America. This CVT oil has excellent frictional characteristic and great durability, not only improving transmission efficiency and lowering fuel consumption but also considerably reducing user's cost in that it is free from change for lifelong time.

Technical Parameters of 190Nm CVT Transmission
Models QR019CHA QR019CHB
Max. Input Torque (Nm) 190 190
Final Gear Ratio 4.782 5.141
Dimensions L×W×H (mm) 391×537×400 391×537×400
Weight (Kg) 78 78
Drive Form FF FF
Ratio 2.390~0.440 2.390~0.440
Rev:2.67 Rev:2.67
Inquriy Form