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1.0L TDDI Diesel Engine

1.0L TDDI Diesel Engine

The 1.0L TDDI diesel engine is a self developed engine of CHERY, which is manufactured sharing the same platform of our 481and 484 series gasoline engine. Integrating numerous advanced technologies, this 1.0L diesel engine boasts not only high power performance and fuel economy of diesel engine but also cleanliness and quietness of gasoline engine.

The 1.0L TDDI diesel engine is known as the new generation green engine with 20-35% less fuel consumption than common gasoline engine and Euro III emission standard. It is a kind of three cylinder engine designed by means of TDDI technology. The turbo charger and common rail injection system are all introduced from Borger Warner.

The 1.0L TDDI diesel engine has excellent torque performance. It can reach its peak torque of 129Nm at the speed of 2000rpm, although its power is only 46kw. This property can reduce fuel consumption and is quite beneficial to heavy-load carrying at low speed as well. For minivan, this Euro III engine is perfectly suitable.

1.0 D Characteristic Performance Curve
1.0L TDDI Diesel Engine
Technical Parameters of 1.0L TDDI Diesel Engine
Code SQR372A
Model 1.0 TDDI
Fuel Diesel
Type L3, DOHC, TCI, Common Rail, EGR System
Displacement (L) 0.999
Bore × Stroke (mm) 72×81.8
Compression Ratio 17.5
Rated Power (kW/rpm) 46/3600(62.6hp)
Max. Torque (Nm/rpm) 129/2200
Specific Power(kW/L) 46.0
Overall Dimensions L×W×H(mm) 608×787×507
Weight(kg) 128
Emission Standard Euro III
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