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President Address

China has become the largest automobile market in the world. It is inconceivable if Chinese auto industry has no proprietary brand and no core technologies. Therefore, the birth of our own vehicle brand is just a matter of time. Based on such faith and mission, CHERY was born in the desert of national automobile industry in 1997 and then started its courageous journey.

Although we have experienced all sorts of difficulties and the road in the future is not smooth, we shall tenaciously pursue our dream without hesitation and try the utmost to realize it. This is because we have understood our mission, direction and objective and we have confidence. Today, CHERY has accumulated considerable technologies and experience and established our own base. We have indomitably taken rooted in the international market and stride toward our objective.

As we all know, competition is an eternal rule of market economy. Peace and harmony only belong to the strong in the end. As CHERY has been developing rapidly in recent years, the entire world starts to keep a watchful eye on us. Thus, the newborn Chinese automobile brands including CHERY will be confronted with a worsening environment. This realistic pressure may overwhelm many brands. For CHERY, however, it will never happen. Because the staff in CHERY never lack the spirit of drawing sword at critical moments and the courage of fighting. They do not hesitate nor stop going forward as the external environment changes. We believe we can realize our final objective even if it is at the cost of generations efforts.

But only spirit and courage is not enough. In order to create an international brand, we shall unite all forces for establishing our united front. To be specific, CHERY shall actively undertake international cooperation and innovate cooperation modes with a global view so as to realize the objective of mutual benefit and multi-win, and common development with partners while improving its global competitiveness and brand internationalization.

Today, depending on the great opportunity that the new adjustment of global automobile industry is happening, CHERY continues to explore on the road of technical innovation, management innovation and institutional innovation, and strides toward its objective as a modern international enterprise with top-ranking human capitals and scientific and technological strength, great cooperate culture of entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a strong sense of social responsibility.

CHERY Powertrain Sales Company

Address: No.8, AnShan Road, Economic & Technological Development Zone, Wuhu, Anhui Province, P. R. China.