SQRB2G06 Gasoline Engine

SQRB2G06 Gasoline Engine

0.6L displacement, naturally aspirated engine (NA)
Inline 2-cylinder (Type L2), double overhead camshaft (DOHC), 8 valves

External Characteristic Curve
External Characteristic Curve
SQRB2G06 0.6L NA Gasoline Engine parameters
Code SQRB2G06
Displacement (L) 0.586
Bore x Stroke (mm) 72x72
Compression Ratio 9.5
Rated Power (kW@r/min) 24/5500 (32.7ps)
Max Torque (N.m@r/min) 48/3000~4000
Specific Power (kW/L) 41.0
Overall Dimension (mm) 568 x 390 x 470
Weight (kg) 63
Emission Euro III

SQRB2G06 gasoline engine is quite suitable for ATV, UTV, large-displacement three-wheel vehicle, motorcycle, low-speed vehicle, and diesel generator sets.

Besides that, SQRB2G06 gasoline engine could be divided into two types, including horizontal engine and vertical engine.

  • SQRB2G06 Gasoline Engine
  • SQRB2G06 Gasoline Engine
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