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Minivan and Mini Truck Engine

Some small displacement vehicles such as minivan, minibus and small displacement passenger car are mainly used for short distance transportation. CHERY is available with many types of small displacement engines for these vehicles, including 0.8L, 1.0L, 1.1L, 1.2L and 1.3L petrol engines as well as 1.0L diesel engine.

Why are these small displacement vehicles so popular recently?
1. The minibus is now very popular among taxi cars because of low price, low fuel consumption and low transportation cost. Together with large passenger capacity (5 passengers) and cargo space (it can load vertical refrigerator), the minibus once became the main force of city taxis in China.
2. The minivan features high economy, comfort and safety. It has low requirement for load capacity. Many individual proprietors love it so much.
3. The small displacement passenger car is well known for energy conservation, environment friendliness and economy. Thanks to small displacement, this passenger car generates lower pollution to the air. It has won great popularity among European customers whose awareness of environment protection is becoming increasingly improved.

These owe greatly to the small displacement vehicle engines. Suitable engines supplied by CHERY are as follows.